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The C4E Promise!

So, you’re finally here!


If you are reading this, this means we’ve exchanged a few hellos or even had a lengthy and philosophical conversation about business, sports, life, and anything, but the weather.

Here’s a short note about us. About who we are, why we exist, what we do, how we do what we do and what to expect as we try and work together.

While we may come across as a marketing consulting company, in real life we are a group of high agency, self-directed, enthusiastic, resourceful people who also double up as sports fans, travellers, philosophers, aspiring motivational speakers, novelists, music addicts, foodies, and everything else in between.

We believe in standing on the shoulders of giants and bouncing higher! And as we reach beyond what we are individually capable of, we pay it forward and offer our shoulders for others to stand on.

Why do we exist?

Well, we are selfish. We are here to get better each day. And we want to do so by making lives tangibly better, for the world at large. And of course, make money in the process. It is not a dirty word. It makes the world go around!

Ok, philosophy apart, we are driven by our passion for doing the best work of our lives, every single day. We want to make a dent in the universe. We want to impact lives. No, seriously. The opportunity exists. A vague idea on how to go about it simmers in our heads.

And while we do that, we’re asking imploring you to let us be a part of your dream, your great adventure, your life!

How do we work, you may ask?

Well, we constantly seek answers to the question, “What next that will wow?” We are easily inspired. We try to not reinvent the wheel and yet we question every damn thing that is out there.

We work the best if you consider us as a part of your team (and not as a third-party vendor, supplier, contractor, consultant, etc). Once we get on board, we are aligned to your mission and we’d do everything ethically, morally, humanly, and inhumanly possible to achieve that!

Here is a small charter on how we work. Call these our terms and conditions.

At C4E, we…

1/ do onto others as we’d want them to do to us.

2/ respect other people’s time. And we love it if everyone respects our time as well. After all, time is the scarcest asset that we have!

3/ are easygoing and lighthearted about almost everything. And yet we won’t let anything hold us back when we work. We take ourselves and our work very seriously. There’s a good chance that you’ve witnessed that already. 

4/ take a very long-term view of things with each person, company, or idea we get a chance to work with. We want to be in business forever. Or like Naval says, play long-term games with long-term people.

5/ question ourselves a lot. Our favorite question is, “what positive impact is this going to create?” We take a moment (more than one moment to be honest) to think about what we’re doing here. And what we’d work with you on.

6/ operate like we own your business. You know, think strategically, make wise decisions and study the nuances. Because our arrangement with you is an affair of a lifetime to us. And that’s why we want to give it our best, all the time.

7/ (most importantly) trust handshakes (and eye contact on video calls now) more than contracts. We might’ve been taken for rides or hurt in the process, but we continue to take a leap of faith with people.

This is what makes life worth living. No?

8/ would do WHATEVER it takes to ensure that you are happy. And we will NOT rest till you ask us to stop.


So yeah.

And in the end, sincerely, we’re so stoked to have had a conversation with you about your dreams. And we can’t wait to see what we can achieve together.

Let’s do some amazing things, together!

Thank you for trusting us. We are grateful for the opportunity. We’d try to not disappoint you.


Chandni, Kaushik, Paras, Pooja, Saurabh J, Saurabh and all others from C4E Collective!