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Here, you leave with closure.

The C4E "Rejection" You’ve applied to multiple companies this month. It’s been both exciting and exhausting – chasing people for confirmations, working on multiple copy tests (all while thinking, I should not be working on unpaid samples), and figuring out the sweet spot of follow-ups. You may not enjoy the process, but you are hopeful of the...

C4E’s Mahabharata and our Shot at Glory

The lore has it that the Pandavas spent 13 years in exile. And while on the looks of it, it seems they were merely in exile, they were doing what everyone in exile must do - survive. And prepare for the war. Which is always impending. You just don't know when. Especially when you are in...

The C4E Promise!

So, you’re finally here! Welcome! If you are reading this, this means we’ve exchanged a few hellos or even had a lengthy and philosophical conversation about business, sports, life, and anything, but the weather. Here’s a short note about us. About who we are, why we exist, what we do, how we do what we do and what to...