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The C4E Village

Yesterday I was at yet another C4E Table and I realized that these tables are the epitome of People Create Magic. These tables bring people from varied backgrounds / experiences and allow me to spark serendipity, learn new things, make new friends and think beyond what I could otherwise! In fact, not just for me but for...

Here, you leave with closure.

The C4E "Rejection" You’ve applied to multiple companies this month. It’s been both exciting and exhausting – chasing people for confirmations, working on multiple copy tests (all while thinking, I should not be working on unpaid samples), and figuring out the sweet spot of follow-ups. You may not enjoy the process, but you are hopeful of the...

C4E’s Mahabharata and our Shot at Glory

The lore has it that the Pandavas spent 13 years in exile. And while on the looks of it, it seems they were merely in exile, they were doing what everyone in exile must do - survive. And prepare for the war. Which is always impending. You just don't know when. Especially when you are in...

Adventure Works Solutions LLP

Adventure Works Solutions LLP is the legal entity that runs C4E. At C4E we are a communications collective that works with individuals, startups and large businesses on their marketing, strategy and communication challenges. Our work straddles four distinct practice areas – Brand Design, Digital Marketing Strategy, Content Services and Corporate Events. Know more about us at www.c4e.in. ...

A Lesson in Business Communication Via Email

Here's a short note that we wrote for ourselves, reminding each other about how business communication could be effective and pleasant at the same time. So, we as a team have been on the receiving end of numerous emails asking us for updates. With time, we've sort of mastered the art of sending such emails. Here's how...