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We know you have expectations from your place of work

hiring culture at c4e

We know you have expectations from your place of work

That’s why we want to tell you how we go about hiring at C4E. 

Think about the last team you applied to work with. What was your first interaction with them like? How did their first email make you feel? What did you tell your friend about the org?

Starting work at a new place comes with all the emotions of newness. There’s excitement and hopefulness but also anxiety and restlessness. And so, on this mood spectrum of interview and application processes, here’s where we at C4E want to be:

hiring curve

How do we do that? 

When you apply to work with us (read: chase your BHAG with us), we know you come with certain expectations – of a fair chance, a warm introduction, and a comfortable place for you to showcase your best self, among other things.  

Instead of inviting you to test it out for yourself, we want to give you a glimpse of what our process looks like –

First, we invite you to come look around 🙂 

If you come across a hiring post from one of us at C4E, or if we find you by chance, you receive a long-ish form to fill out. 

I call this the ‘come, look around’ stage because we give you a lot of information about us. The pre-reads give you a glimpse of who we are, what we do, and above all of that, how we think about life and work. At this stage, you will have everything you need to decide whether or not you want to spend your precious time with us. 

The week after looks like this –

1/ A quick chat with either Saurabh or me (Chandni). We call this a ‘chat’, and not a hiring interview because apart from getting to know you, we also try to answer your pressing questions about us, about the team size, salary, “work hours”, your role and everything that comes with joining a team. 

2/ A paid assignment – if we do decide to move ahead, we start with a week-long pilot project. 

3/ And finally, based on the assignment, we do a last round of “interviews” where you meet the rest of the team. This one’s super important for us because we’re not just hiring to fill virtual cubicles, but building a team that will stick together through the toughest challenges, and a team that’s preparing for war (there’s a reason we call it war, if you are curious, click here.) And so, it’s important we all like each other 😀

At C4E, we are all as different from each other as they come, tied by the core values of: 

  1. Respect and empathy
  2. Overcommunication 
  3. Endless curiosity

During each stage, we assure you one thing – clear communication. From the time you fill out the form to your last interaction with us, we will always communicate our decisions and doubts, thoughts and pivots. 

That’s the C4E way. And, if you’re reading this before meeting us, then we hope you have as much fun as we do while chatting with you <3

Signing off,
Recently Fired, C4E

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